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Model Upskirt

June 30, 2012 861 comments

                                                                                      Model Up-skirt 

This models has the best look, pretty, figure, eyes, cups, curves everything throughout perfect!

I just wanna see this girl doing up-skirt but unfortunately this is just the picture, no video also available  😦        so bad;

This is like we found something and just lost it!

No way! I’m not gonna give up, If you’ve ever listened that song “Don’t loose your hope, this is the moral of the story” – just kidding that’s not the song, just my imagination 😀

But I’ve another plan, I always have plan B, Why don’t I see that thing in real at my place, hmm that’s not the bad idea! wow what a thought – me genius :$

I know one company where i can get what i want ….

I’m going to call that girl named Bangalore escorts 

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What she’s trying to do?

June 18, 2012 1,036 comments

Welcome to PES!

Question: What she’s trying to do/seeking through? hmm, any guess; ?

Answer: She’s preparing herself physically n mentally to amaze you, she has to spend the time whether day, all night, hour or some hours etc.. her primary target is to make you feel good and satisfied.

She off her clothes, and wearing bikini and fix it properly cause to look eye-catchy, her golden hairs, blue eyes, outstanding physique her lips, style, attitude attracting me! I can’t wait to strip tease her.

No way, I won’t let her go all night cause I want to use my money which I spend to model company Delhi escorts to hire this model, and which I spend to arrange all the things for me n her like: suite booking, nice foods, high quality wine n champagne, clothes, flower or other items to stay charge us all night.


I’ll have trips as much as I can all the night and I won’t sleep and won’t let her sleep, that’s my planning for this model but one thing I won’t hurt her, I’will make her happy by giving some expensive n exciting gifts so that, she’ll come to me whenever I want…

Simple thing but effective “If she ain’t happy how she’s able to make me happy” This is like give and take deal.

Any better Idea, from your side: If yes I’d say please share with me!

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